I have too much hair:

What results can I expect for hair removal?

With the Ellipse the results are:

  • The number of hairs will become reduced in the treatment area.
  • Hair will become finer in the treatment area.
  • Hair will become less pigmented in the treatment area.

How much does the Ellipse treatment cost?

It all depends on the area being treated and how many treatments are required. A complete course of treatments is recommended for the best results.

How does the Ellipse Light compare to other laser and IPL systems?

Clients tell us they prefer the Ellipse due to its long lasting results, safety and convenience. Safety and results set the Ellipse apart from all other laser and IPL systems thanks to it’s patented ‘dual mode filtering’ system. Cinical data published in the ‘Journal of Cutaneous Laser Therapy’ demonstrated the full potential of the system. Ellipse is the fastest Intense Pulsed Light hair removal system available on the market.

How does Ellipse compare to waxing and electrolysis?

Ellipse is very different from electrolysis and waxing. Electrolysis is a much slower process as the needle has to be inserted into the hair follicle one at a time. Electrolysis can also be painful, however we sometimes combine both techniques if we think that will give the client the best result. Waxing can also be painful and the hair growth needs to be a certain length before it can be repeated. In some cases the after effects can be a disadvantage to the client, eg - ingrown hairs and skin reactions.

Ellipse treats larger areas of hair growth in shorter periods of time. We have a one of the largest treatment applicators to ensure a speedy treatment time. We have interchangable size applicators for different areas of the body - smaller one for the face and a larger one for the body  It is less painful, much faster, more convenient and has been shown to reduce in-growing hairs and skin reactions.