I have a birth mark I would like to remove:

Birth Marks

pigmented lesions treatment machine

Small Birth Marks

We can treat small birth marks anywhere on the face or body except for very close to the eyes.

It works in a similar way as facial veins - the light targets the haemoglobin which in turn is destroyed by the heat. The technolgy inbuilt in the Ellipse IPL means that there is no room for operator error as we inform the IPl that we are treating a birth mark so it calculates exactly the amount of light needed according to the clients skin type.

        'I cannot say enough how thrilled I am that I decided to get my red birthmark on the left side of my face removed. Pam treated it a few times and it has almost gone completely ! I still have one more session booked but already it is hardly noticeable and I do not have to wear thick make up to cover it. I had this from birth and never thought it possible for my face to look like this. Thank you so much.' K. Phillips